travertine paver outdoor flooring

Travertine Outdoor Flooring Ideas

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One of the natural stones used for centuries as flooring and wall stones are travertine. You can see that travertine is used in many buildings that have defied thousands of years. The use of travertine tile, which attracts attention with its aesthetic appearance and durability, is a very common natural stone today.

Since travertine is a sedimentary rock, it may vary according to the rock structure of the region where it is located. You can easily use travertine tiles, which you can find in many different colors, in many different areas, and get great looks. You can see beige, ivory, silver, noche, and gold as the most popular colors among many different colors.

You can build long-lasting and durable structures with travertine tiles, where you can get both intimate and stylish designs, as they are natural colors in its structures.

You can easily use travertine tiles, which have many advantages for outdoor use, in exterior wall covering, courtyard and walkways arrangement, water feature or pool decks.

Travertine stones, which are a porous material by natural, often appear as brushed surfaces for outdoor flooring. Honed and filled travertine tiles can also be used in outdoor flooring, it must go through some processes to prevent it from slipping. Especially, brushed and chipped travertine stones provide ideal use for pool decks and stair treads. You can easily choose travertine pool coping to move more reliably against wet floors.

İn addition to non-slip texture, you can easily make your outdoor spaces usable thanks to the travertine stones, which are very resistant to extreme temperatures. Since it is easy to shape, you can easily use it to cover even very small and indented areas.

With travertine tiles, which are both a reliable and affordable option for patio and pool decks, you can sign professional projects.

Thanks to the tumbled travertine tiles used as an elegant, beautiful, and practical choice outdoors, you can achieve classic using in modern looks.