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Where to Use Travertine Tiles and Pavers?

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Since ancient times, travertine stones are among the most used types of natural stones. Travertine stones extracted from Denizli in our country are natural stone exported to many world countries and travertine floor tiles are used in many areas and international projects.

Travertine stones are shown among chemical sedimentary rocks. Accordingly, the colors of travertine stones change according to the properties of the place where the stone is extracted. The colors of natural travertine stones range from a very light ivory to dark brown. And at the same time, you can easily find the colors such as gray, yellow, pink and red that you can use depending on your taste.

Besides color options, travertine stones are generally offered two types as filled and unfilled stones. Especially filled stones are much more modern and stylish looking. In addition, it attracts attention with its durability.

Travertine floor tiles used as an interior or exterior building construction materials from antiquity to today can be easily used in exterior wall coverings, pool floor and stair floors, garden hunts, walking paths, bathroom and shower floors, sinks, fireplace floors and floor covering. Travertine stone applications, which are preferred especially for outdoor use, are at the top of the list as they create a warm and friendly appearance and add an anti-slip feature.

With its non-deformable structure and non-slip feature, you can easily host your guests with its travertine pool coping, which is also common at the poolside.

Travertine stones, which create a mystical and fantastic atmosphere in the environment in which they are used, are also preferred by many businesses such as cafes, restaurants and hotels. Especially thanks to the tumbled travertine tile, you can get a more natural look and impress your guests in areas such as exhibitions, conferences and amphitheaters.

You can put your signature in the environment you are in, thanks to the travertine stones that are known for being very durable and providing long term use. And with its stylish and modern appearance, you can create decorations that you can easily reflect your own taste.